(**WARNING**: do not do any of this – it’s pathetically inefficient and the result of being self-taught and learning along the way)nnSo let me break down the basics (as of now – 11.11.2021) in terms of how I have a (slow, inefficient, noob-style) “git flow”.nnFor history, here are some examples from various points in time that I wrote about on this blog:nnExample 1 – [“fast updates/upgrades”](https://write.as/tmo/fast-updates-upgrades)nnExample 2 – [“coffee X’s 3 this morning (+ bad git’ing)”](https://write.as/tmo/coffee-xs-3-this-morning)nnExample 3 – [“I’m a noobcakes, and have a lot to learn”](https://write.as/tmo/im-a-noobcakes-and-have-a-lot-to-learn)nnSo, as shown in the examples above, the way I do these things (that is, do *any* type of web development, in general) is quite lowly, inefficient, and borderline comical.nnThat is:nn- **Step 1**) write/gather/piece together codenn- **Step 2**) get it all looking relatively legible in the (.html/.php/what have you) file on the VPS, itselfnn- **Step 3**) push that shit live and then visit in a private browser tab to see if it “took”nn- **Step 4**) if not, revisit the file on the VPS, work with it, troubleshoot, use process of elimination, waste a bunch of time, repeat Step 2, keep doing that until what it is that I want accomplished is donenn- **Step 5**) if everything “took” and looks good, I then copy/paste (from the VPS file, itself) the code into a proper file on Atom Editor for “safe keeping” or/and easy referencennDid I mention I am completely self-taught and still “new” to this a year later?nnSo, this post, this entry, is here for my own documentation sake. I will refer to it, look at it, see where I came from as a sort of self-reminder of what was – and I might find it useful (insofar as to NOT do things this way in the future!)nn#devnn

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