My mind is wandering this evening. Not sure why. nnI think “The Internet” (or, vast quantities of people who use the Internet) have found their new obsession/time-suck/lifestyle, and that will be scrolling TikTok from now until the Chinese takeover, lol!nnI haven’t seen but two other updates on R.w.a, nothing in the R.a Cafe, nothing on M.p, and just a smidgen of updates from my RSS reader (mostly from a couple people who are like me and just do things their own way).nnAnd it is Friday, I still have the entire weekend for everyone to not say anything, and for the WWW to become a ghost town of tumbleweed west.nnAt least *that* is *kinda* like how the Web “was” – just a vapid series of servers open to communication with nothing from *one* server triggering information on *another* server to say “hey, some entity is making input on a device over here, go retrieve that info and display it”.nnBut, unfortunately, it isn’t like the rest of humanity has things to do anymore, they *are* online, just all mashed into a collection of social media services, and using THOSE servers, and spend their time (mostly) not talking to one another.nnThe price we pay for progress?nnWhatever. I’ll be around. Peep the comments on **TMO** if you need me.

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