Made instant espresso, reading BS online because there is nothing else to do on a snow day. I even visited (or maybe it is Doesn't matter), and saw the story about the first decline ever in Facebook's user growth since the company started. Then, I did some DDG searching for "Government vs Facebook" and I see that a lawsuit that has been dragging out since Dec. 2020 by the FTC against FB continues to make progress (for the FTC, but not for FB). I'd be dumbfounded if FB wasn't found to be a wholesale monopoly, and I am fairly certain it will get broken up, as will be the same for Google and a handful of other co's. But how quick these things will happen is anyone's guess.

And I do think that limiting the reach of FB, Google, Amazon, Apple, etc. is the way to go know...enforcing anti-trust laws, because there are so many cool things that have come about in years past, and more that will come about again in the future (companies, that is) that would stand to be in direct competition with the current "status quo" co's, but as of now, Big Founders(TM) will happily take a multi-million, or even multi-billion dollar payday and do a merger instead of actually trying to compete with the FAANG co's.

Anyhow, it has been this way (anti-competitiveness) for a while with Silicon Valley co's, and it makes everything dry and dull in my opinion. Like, who wants to just scroll Facebook on Chrome and see advertisements for stuff from Amazon on an iPhone for the rest of their godforsaken life? It's like a type of technological Hell that these monoliths manifested for everyone else while they continue to laugh themselves to the bank. It is preposterous, for sure.

So, here's to new (better) companies, and (perhaps) new technology (a long shot? IDK), and more espresso!

back soon