errorless updates after an error'd update

The latter first:

I updated my macOS software the other day, as it was a critical update (security, fixed a "zero day" thing) and after I did so, half of my dev stuff folder was wiped out from my Desktop. All backed up on my external SSD, so no loss, but half the files just disappeared altogether.

I went ahead and did a Copy > Paste job from Standard Notes on most of the files. I opened Text Edit, changed the font size to 14, changed the font to Menlo, and then copied the four (main) folders lost, and then saved those to the Dev stuff folder on Desktop (I could have dug out the SSD, but I felt like doing it this way).

The former:

So then it was off to the VPS. I logged into the VPS for, and I ran the command to update Ghost CLI. Had a minor update , so I updated/upgraded.

Then I updated Ghost software itself. Minor update. No chmod errors, no troubleshooting needed. Everything went off without a hitch.



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