Went to the 'rents, did laundry, salted their driveway/walkway, came home, walked to BP on the now melted sidewalk (due to sun, not salt), bought a carton of Edgefield non-filter cigs (or nonnies, as I used to call them back in the day) to see me through until next week, and now I am in the easy chair writing.

No Tylenol today, as it is not needed. No Motrin, either. Glad to be away from those pills, and all pills in general (even though they can be a lifesaver in terms of pain relief at times).

I've got nothing else going on today. Just gonna enjoy the last few hours of sunlight of the day, and then hunker down until tomorrow where it will be sunny and warm, and I am quite looking forward to that.

Monday, busy. And that is good, too.

back soon