I am pretty sure there was a one hit wonder band from the late-1980s called ENUF ZNUF, without the spacing. So, ENUFZNUF.nn…nope, it is “Enuff Z’Nuff” (and it is a capital “N”, god damn it(!), like it is a friggin’ Irish name). [Here’s the Wikipedia for them](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enuff_Z%27Nuff#Major_label_recordings_(1989%E2%80%931993)), so go have yourself a treat and find out all the cool stuff about the best band who never mattered(?)nnBut I *say* “enough’s enough”, because I have hammered out BS on **TMO** multiple times today, and I need to cool my jets in terms of stuff I am putting on R.w.a, so I will write on this small/sub-blog for a bit, instead.nnI have nothing good/interesting to say, though – just felt like typing, I guess. nnThere is the chance that I try to put HedgeDoc on my VPS, and see what I can do there. But it includes a Docker image, and I was having trouble getting Docker to work with my machine for some reason, so, to hell with it.nnI am not sure what to saynnI’ll wrap it upnnsorry?

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