I have been trying to write a blog post for what seems like three hours. I get a paragraph in and think “this is no good – just a bunch of yada yada”, and then delete it. So, this will be different.nnI just had a bowl of Solani English tobacco a tad bit ago, followed by a fudge brownie I had from Schnucks, and the melding of the smokiness of the Latakia tobacco with the sugary-ness of the brownie had a nice flavor to it. nnNow, I wait for the camp espresso to cool off, in the enamel mug sitting next to me. Ozark Trail makes a lot of junk camping products (apparently, I haven’t really used a lot of their stuff), but their enamel mugs seem to work A-OK, as I have been using this one since mid-2019 and have had no issues with it 🙂 nnBy the way, I am not camping in any respect, despite the camp espresso and camp gear I am using – I’m in my kitchen and just *using* camp gear, because that’s how I am, haha.nnAnyway, I used to treat my home like a campground, of sorts, at one point in my life. In 2017 I had a Thermarest “egg carton” sleeping pad that is meant for camping as my bed, because the worn out futon was hurting my back, so I just used the sleeping pad as a bed instead for ~6 months. Poor sleep in that time, but no back pain. In fact, it wasn’t until 2020 or so that I actually started to make my apartment feel like a “home”. I started getting “real” furniture in that time, and started decorating and whatnot, and now it certainly *does* feel “home-y”.nnSo, I guess I’m more “normal” now, haha.nnStill fairly minimal, though. Not because it’s a “cool” thing to do, or because it’s an attention-grabber – I just always have *been* minimalist since I was 18 (2003). I have gone into that story plenty of times before on this blog, so I will not go into it again, but suffice it to say, I just like a limited amount of possessions, not a lot to worry about.nnThe coffee is splendid :Pnn4:31 now, and I am 100% rested and 100% caffeinated, so all is good in this world. nnBe back soon

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