endorphins, exhaustion, and a bit of food-slingin'

Here's me from 10:00 AM until 12:00 PM

I was preparing the meat (+ veggies + an unDogly amount of seasonings) for the nacho topping at Independence Center soon after arriving there at 9:30.

It's been

A) years and years since I cooked meat (vegetarian 100%, baby)

B) years and years since I was in a public/industrial kitchen (actually cooking food - in past jobs I just "went through" there when I was a bus boy 20+ years ago, and a dishwasher at other jobs around that same era)

C) years and years since I worked/volunteered with a team(!) #happy

And it's also been

One week since you looked at me,

dropped your arms to side and said "I'm sorry"

(reference to the song "One Week" by Bare Naked Ladies)

So, I had a good day. I also got some quick experience with the sign in/sign out sheet at the front desk, as anyone and everyone who came in/out of IC I asked if they were "just arriving" or "leaving for the day". All of those sign ins/outs had to be entered into the computer, too, which "K", a guy who handles a lot of the Day 1 Orientation stuff, was able to show me the steps on the computer to enter the names, and keep up with who's there, and who isn't.

Simple stuff. I liked sitting there and BS'ing with "K", and whoever else was just arriving or about to head out. Good deal!

Soon after, I was working with "T" on getting folders prepared for new Orientation members. I still have mine from some weeks back tucked into the hydration sleeve of my backpack, and I use it as a flimsy pack frame, lol!

That was an hour+ working with a printer (successfully, things were getting printed in all of that time), as well as on an "assembly line" of folder organization. I was more enamored that I was able to figure out/memorize everything involved with the menu screen on the printer, itself. The most congested, convoluted menu screen I have ever seen. Operating on Confusion OS! But it got done, and I was happy about that.

Inquiries about rides to/from IC fell short, as Call-A-Ride is my best option for direct transport there, but even that is flaky, as we zipped and bumped our way through every nook and cranny of South City St Louis today. There and back. And on the way home, we even dropped off someone at the southern tip of Goodfellow Blvd, which is sort of "lower-North St Louis". It was right where that road started, and going up far enough, one would reach the St Louis Job Corps that I attended in 2003, and from what I can tell, SOUTH Goodfellow is no better than NORTH Goodfellow in terms of...economic decimation.

It is what it is

So, I have a last ditch option in terms of transport to/from IC: MetroBus + Metrolink. I can take the #9 bus from the stop at the entrance to my apartment complex (literally the southern-most, and last stop the MetroBus reaches in St Louis County), and then take a few different routes that will get me to (hopefully) somewhere in western South City. From there, I would definitely need to transfer to the Shrewsbury Metrolink. From there, I would take it to the "Convex"(?) Metrolink stop? It is a new stop that was completed several years ago, and I never heard it was even being built. It is several blocks West of IC, so I could just hoof it from there. Getting there from Shrewsbury Metrolink would be ok, too, as I sincerly doubt it would require me going all the was from Shrewsbury Metro all the way down to the Forest Park Metro (where the tracks split) and then backtracking on another rail.

I talked with the Upper Floor coordinator (IC is divided by floors - Upper, Street Level, and then Basement - I joined the members on the "Upper Floor", so that is sort of a "home room"), and he, who shall be called "J", informed me that IC can definitely help me get a Metrolink/MetroBus monthly pass for free(!) (cool!), but that IC doesn't offer any type of transport methods outside of that. So the ride(s) in the future via Metro would not cost me anything (via bus and train, that is - Call-A-Ride is $2 cash each way with no exceptions), but the commute both ways via bus/train would total 1 hr, 10 mins - minimum.

But, again, it is what it is

Getting the free monthly pass for Metro will tricky next week, though, because many of the "upper" staff are heading out to a conference in Baltimore, Maryland, and they will not return until the following week. I may still be able to arrange the pass via other senior staff, and I will just pay my own way until then. The transit would wear my budget thin without the pass, though. And when I lived in Midtown St Louis, I always opted for a $40 per mo, Reduced Fare bus pass, and got me to/from anywhere all the time.

So, things are moving along. I'm doing well.

The endorphins: nice. The exhaustion (when mixed with endorphins) is good, too.

Now I make Dunkin' Donuts coffee, as I am out of instant. And will re-caffeinate for the evening.


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