This is all I can think about at the moment, so I will write about it. I also cannot think of anything else to be doing with my time right now.nnI sort of come to realize, or perhaps even come to terms with, that I have my own **emotional worth**. That I put credit into, and hold sacred, my emotional state. Sometimes in life I feel a “windfall” of emotions, and I *deserve* all of them. Nothing left to pass, nothing overlooked, all things in relation to something else.nnIt brings forth a sense of **self** worth, as well (a thing I am always grateful for).nnTonight, I have not experienced such POWERFUL and RAW emotion(s) as I did (and still do) this evening. It’s painful, jarring, genuine, and a whole host of other descriptors I could apply to it/them.nnThere’s no chemical or bodily purpose for it (not on drugs or something like that), just a sincere (self) validation for *whoever* or *whatever* I am.nnIn fact, even though I am writing of this “state”, I cannot really summarize or consolidate *how* or *in what way* I am reacting to them. It’s just…there.nnI’ll write some other stuff later. Hope everyone is doing good out there.

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