So, at some point I will tool around with setting up a VPS with Ghost(.org) software on it, and I have the theme picked out and everything (my favorite one from Jekyll has already been ported into a Ghost theme! Exciting!), but it is worth noting how *actually* lazy I am with things such as this. That is, with development activities. I mean 1) there is the lack of sleep scenario which cannot be ruled out – I hardly muster the energy to do these types of things when I am WELL rested, let alone wanting to fool with them when I am LACKING sleep, 2) web dev does NOT come natural to me, at all – oftentimes, I feel like it was blind hope/drive that got me to where I am Now, and that there never truly was any type of future with it, and that it was…in a way…all for nothing, and 3) when all is said and done, I just wanna write shit – doing so with “effortless-ness” (like on W.a) is a pretty attractive proposition, and it’s a shame that the service(s) here are scantly maintained nor taken seriously by the maintainer(s) (the few there are) at this particular platform.nnBut, there’s nothing I can do about the latter. And it is ironic (for me) to be discussing things such as laziness (and my tendency for it) while simultaneously suggesting that the people who make this platform of the same disposition.nnBut, I *am* lazy. Writing is literally nothing for me. Literally the ONLY thing I can be bothered to do consistently throughout the day, and on a day-in/day-out basis. I don’t compare myself to others (very often), so I don’t feel very “elite” or “special” that I see so many people (literally dozens a week) talk about how they cannot maintain consistency or struggle coming up with the words, etc. – to each their own, so basically I am the same way with web dev stuff, and cannot fathom any type of daily, or even weekly, routine for the subject, and it’s (again) NOT second nature for me whatsoever, and I’m sure how **I** feel about *web dev* is how **others** (may) feel about *writing*. Again, it doesn’t matter – as long as something out there is making us happy, is all that matters. Writing makes me happy, I suppose, so on with it I go.nn

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