There are (and I was one of them) “breakthrough cases” of COVID-19 (that is, someone who is fully vaccinated, but still gets the virus). I was fairly ill for a couple weeks in May 2020 (pre-vaccine days), then in early-2021 I got the Moderna shot, then a month later the second dose – no real side effects from either dose. Then, when the Delta variant started to rear it’s ugly head in my neck of the woods (St Louis), I got even *more* ill for three weeks than when I got “initial COVID”. Now (today), I got the Moderna booster, and I am experiencing zero side effects (so far) other than a sore arm. For now, anyway. nnHowever, the effective rate for Moderna (and Pfizer, and J&J, etc.) – like all vaccinations in all of history – do not have a 100% effective rate (otherwise they would more or less be considered a “cure”, not (just) a vaccine).nnSo, I DO hope that this Moderna booster is “working it’s magic” and will more or less protect me from Omicron, because it would be very bad if I got that. And this is an ever-mutating, and (perhaps endless) pandemic (turned endemic – at some point?), and these things (vaccines) NEED to keep working, NEED to keep helping people, and people NEED to keep getting them – or get your first one if you haven’t already.nnThat’s all

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