I like the Write.as editor. It’s easy, basic. No frills whatsoever, I wouldn’t say. Ghost has *hella* stuff going on with it. Stuff that is probably unnecessary (for me, anyway). But, I will continue with both blogs (for now) [until I decid to switch back to W.a full-time](https://write.as/tmo/if-i-were-to-consolidate-blogging-writing)(*if* that happens).nnI like lightweight stuff, what can I say?nnUnfortunately, Remark.as has no integration with WriteFreely, yet, so I will not host a personal WF instance on a VPS, or RPi or anything else anytime soon, I don’t think. And I wouldn’t mind just using W.a and just *staying* on W.a, but there has been a server error bug (a serious one) that has been plaguing blogs (or at least this one) for the better part of a year, and it needs to get worked out, for sure.nnBut, we’ll see how things gonnAnyway, I just felt like hammering some text while I had coffee. Nothing too interesting happening this eve in my neck of the woods. nnback soon

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