Nothing too exciting happening today. Just being snowed in, not much I can do about that. It's days like this that I truly feel like some "edge-of-grid" type of person - not truly in the depths of a city (not by a long shot), and not out in rural nowhere - just on the edge of the city limits, in a more country-esque area of South St Louis County. But on the Internet, too - not exactly "on-the-grid" (like social media, for example (again, not by a long shot)), and not exactly abstaining from the WWW altogether, either. Just in a more insular and cozy corner that I maintain all to myself (with some nice people to correspond with here and there along the way, too :))

It's old school blogging all the way, too. No feeds (unless someone adds me to an RSS feed), no Timelines (not that I am aware of), no "@'s", no quick and fast DM's - if someone wants to send an e-mail (or if I want to send one to them), then I do so. And some people may think: "Damn, just join the 21st Century and make a feed on a social network, blah, blah", but that is where my personal principles and anti-media philosophy comes in; I don't actually want social networks to exist, at all (at least not in their current form, anyway). Social media is highly addictive (on all platforms) and by using it/them, I am subjugating myself to what amounts to psychological harm when all is said and done (pretty grim that I have to say that in 2022 and that many other people feel the same way).

So, what I am doing is just "writing in/through reality". Yea, Twitter and FB and everything else can be leveraged as a marketing tool, but that's ALL that it is - a big, bloated, everything for everyone platform (or series of platforms), and a personal journal that I keep for myself doesn't need to have marketing behind it.

So, if you're reading this, hello - and if multi-millions of people don't stop in, that is more than OK, too ;)

back soon