So, I sit here and make coffee at 10:45 PM, and I had an e-mail exchange with a friend and fellow blogger, and part of the conversation focused on a blog platform we both used (won't name names, haha), but both stopped using for a number of reasons (too many reasons to list, for me), but the BIG/MAIN reason being: lack of support from the platform, itself.

So, I've noticed that when it comes to self-run businesses (be it small mom and pop shops IRL, to online ventures), rather it's one person behind the scenes or a small group of people - those occupations take a LOT of work. You have to eat/sleep/breathe the whole damn operation. And if/when a platform (be it blogging, a SaaS application, or smalltime social network, or whatever) is run by one person, that person CAN'T piss around with nearly anything with any of their free time. It's what they DO - they RUN a business.

And I am not trying to put people on a pedastal, or ring-kiss, but look at Pieter Levels, or Jon Yongfook, or Ben Stokes - these folks don't "hustle", they simply LIVE to do what they do. Not side projects (though sometimes multiple projects can be happening simultaneously), not a thing they sometimes fool with when they are not camping or Tweeting - they do their job because it is the occupation they chose.

Me? I don't do web development (full-time or even part-time) as an occupation, and likely never will. And as I referenced in this blog post, I am (mostly) a web dev "tinkerer" - someone who likes to learn and experience different things with the world of CS. I don't particularly strive for or even desire making a business out of what I do.

So, just a subtle reminder to myself (or anyone who is reading this) that if someone wants to do a thing, DO that thing, and DO mostly that thing and that thing alone, and be legit with it. That's all.