Just participated in a YT livestream (well, the chat I participated in - I wasn't on-video), and it's been one of my favorite channels for a while now (a few years) where the dude basically BS's w/ coffee, talks militaria stuff sometimes, sometimes smokes a pipe (which is how I found the channel), and it was a chill livestream, for sure. Enjoyed it.

And the same for blogs in the same vein - just talking, writing, hammering out text of thoughts/ideas/beliefs/etc. (the type of ish you see here, basically). I definitely like the "small web" (as some call it), or the "hobbyist web", or whatever the case - just people doing and talking about (regardless of the medium) things that they like, that other like-minded people may be interested in, as well. Good deal.

Now, it is time for more tobacco and sunshine in the easy chair :)

back soon