Generated a *new* SSH key on the MBA, and added it to my Github account, which was less painful than I expected, so, hooray!nnSo, that was a bit of an mini accomplishment for me :)nnI don’t plan on doing any other dev stuffs tonight, though, because as expected, the dogs started to stir and claw and wimper and go crazy the second I started to do anything *remotely* productive. I swear, dogs have a sixth sense to bug the fxxx out of you when you are in the middle of important shit. It’s why I can never be a dog owner ever again (they are a pain in the ass, haha).nnAlso, I dislike fancy furniture. Mostly because it is never intended to be used. Other than the *main* couch in the living room here, most furniture in this house is borderline unusable, but still simultaneously totally beautiful. Like the kitchen table and chairs: the table is normal (*very* narrow), and the chairs are *squeeeeezed* into either end of the table, so I have to sit with my legs together when sitting here, and the chairs themselves look like legit display chairs. Like the kind that are for immaculate looks only, no utility with them. They are just…awkward to sit in.nnBut, whatever. nnBack later

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