Picked up some essentials. Before that, I spent about 45 minutes out on my balcony as the sun rose (out of sight, my balcony does not face the sunrise, unfortunately), and had coffee and enjoyed the weather. Very nice day. Overcast, but regardless of whether or not it rains, it will be nice :)nnNow, I jot some writing, and await for noon to roll around for my therapy appointment (virtual), and I will soon list something I don’t need any longer on Craigslist. nnAlso, I am having Arizona Arnold Palmer Lite Half & Half Iced Tea/Lemonade. That’s a mouthful! I feel like a better golfer already.nnI love these things because they are cheap ($1), and are totally satisfying on warmer days. In the middle of Summer, they are a lifesaver.nnHope everyone is doing good. Back soon.

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