Jeez Luis, I was going through music on Tidal, trying to find something I may have been listening to in 2006-ish, but all I could think of from that time was the stuff I heard (24/7) on Disney Channel, because I lived with my sister and brother-in-law and their kids (my nieces) at the time, and they were very young, and the TV *stayed* on that channel.nnSo, naturally, I recalled Demi Lovato’s song “Get Back”, the music video to which was always played on Disney Channel. Listened to the song on Tidal, and that song has a mega-pop, intense ending, I swear. Like an assault of catchy-ness right at the very end. Almost annoyingly so, haha.nnBut then I went and listened to the song “La La Land” (first song off that album, the Don’t Forget album), and damn, anyone listening to exclusively “new”/”grown up” Lovato is missing out. What a powerful and talented track! I mean “newer” songs (“Heart Attack” is the big one that comes to mind) from Demi Lovato are good, too, but the earliest stuff seems to have the most force behind them.nnIt’s a shame what happened to her, her career. She sort of lost a lot of fans when she continually swore up and down that she was “clean” from narcotics, only to wind up hospitalized weeks later (not that she lost many fans due to her struggles with addiction, but the fact that she was so effortlessly and indifferently lying about the situation). **I** didn’t “stop” listening to her music, though. But I never really “started”, either. When a catchy Lovato song pops into my head, I just queue it up on Tidal and listen away. I don’t know what her “status” is now. Or *their* status (she identifies as “they”). I guess they’re sober? Mostly sober? Straight Edge? I don’t know, but how the hell *would* I know?nnAnyway, check out “La La Land” – killer track :)n

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