Feeling less dystopian this morning, and more dire. Meaning, I don’t think the future will be a cyberpunk hellscape of bots and corrupt AI, and more just like there will likely BE no future.nnPeople say “in the year 2050”, and things like “when the population reaches 9 billion”, and “we’ll do *this* at NASA, and do *that* with International government”, yada, yada, yada.nnAnd I sincerely doubt any of that is going to happen. I sincerely doubt the planet (with us on it) will hold out for another three+ decades. I sincerely doubt in the next 10-15 years there will even be usable infrastructure to power on computers/generate centralized electricity, let alone fly spacecraft to explore the nearest stars or bullet trains to take us from NY to London in an hour flat.nnBut people (myself included, at one point) tend to let a media-fueled malaise of BS clog their decision-making, and start to drink the Kool-Aid of hype makers, and, essentially, let their own imaginations run away with them to the point of believing things are *real* that are simply *not real*.nnNo wonder conspiracies are such a social epidemic in 2021 (and before).nnBut, that’s just the scenario we’re in. Put a small rectangle of messages/GIFs/memes/graphics/and lies in front of anyone’s face long enough, and they start to “imagine themselves away” into a different fallacy than the current surroundings they *actually* belong to.nnAnyway, *I’m* better than no one. I don’t partake (or I should say, don’t “fall for”) the “shit pedaled for truth (on the internet)”, but that’s because I have a better, more calm time just focusing on what’s around me – me and my thoughts, my writing, my ideas, my life. It’s nice, no need to believe in some other (fake) thing.nn

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