So, I am going to be joining a Group call later on Google Duo (initiated by my niece) for my Great Nephew's 1st birthday party. As I mentioned, we couldn't be at the party, because STLWX is apparently going to get bad, but so far there has been no rain nor freezing rain, but that doesn't mean I couldn't happen. Better safe than sorry, for sure. Anyway, it will be cool to see the little dude have his first birthday cake (he's tried cake before, liked it, because what's not to like?)

clothes and whatnot

For me, for now, I am more or less going through random bits and bobs in the apartment, putting away clean dishes, pitching an article of clothing or two, and getting a couple more ready for donation to Pevely Pantry - more or less consolidating the wardrobe a bit, as I have plenty of stuff that isn't totally necessary or even that "interesting" to wear anymore. I sometimes feel like clothes should be "inspiring", or at least comfortable to wear, and I feel that these same duds year in and year out are more or less "done", lol! And as for Summer clothes, when layers and insulation are not necessary in any way, I will kinda have a Winter "capsule wardrobe" (even though the term is played out as could be), and just have the top shelf in the closet Winter clothes, and then more or less get through the late-Spring, Summer, early-Fall with just a handful of clothing items. Usually two pair of shorts, two boxer-briefs, two pair of socks, a t-shirt and a tank top, and then my Xero Shoes "Jesus" sandals, and that is basically it. Not difficult to dress for hot weather.