dumb respites balconyside

I go out on the balcony sometimes, and I take out the Moto G7 Power, and I write blog posts like this one on (sub)TMO.

Sometimes, when immersed and absorbed within my own thoughts, feelings, I sort of become completely aware that I not only have those (very) negative feelings, and enormous feeling of disgust for myself, the world, but that I in fact have nothing else that I could be doing/thinking/feeling in those moments, for those days.

A day tributed to those emotions. A calendar day on the timeline of fate, devoted only to feeling nasty and negative

And so it goes

I put stuff on the (sub)TMO blog sometimes, as a sort of observances of my surroundings, my life, and how I am feeling.

It's actually just the only honing of thought and ability I have at those times

So that's what I do

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