It’s the usual schpiele here. Morning. Coffee. And I check up on BS news sometimes within DDG search results, because I want to know *some* things in and of the world sometimes, and I am not “hungover” from overwhelming information overload like I was for years on-end when I was Twitter user. nnSo, I search “stock market news” on DDG, and get this result:nn![](’s the Web results)nnAnd so I highlight the News portion of the search…engine. What would they call it? A category?nn![]( “News” results (or lack thereof))nnStill, no results. So I guess DDG is down right now? Or it doesn’t work with Mozilla Firefox? My tethering connection seems to be A-OK, so…whatever.nnI’ll live without the stock market news for right now.nnJust pointing this silly shit out

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