Dubai is the future's most beautiful abandoned city

I saw a link out and around the Internet just now, and it was for, which is like a trailer for a super expensive future city, and the short video and other photos on the site certainly make everything LOOK stunning and beyond imagination at some parts, but it's in Dubai, which is itself a city which has about 200 residents, and is worth about 5 trillion dollars.

Excessive waste in city-form defines Dubai. I mean, the people in/around Dubai are fine, I'm sure, I'm not being ignorant or anything. The "Kingdom", or KingdomS, are essentially small municipalities, where everyone who is "from money" (::cough, oil refinement, cough::) gets to be "a King", and spend their lives designing/building hyper-expensive mega structures, which no one lives in, or works in, or really LOOKS at, either, because nobody is on the streets below.

I remember when Howard Stern came to St Louis for a book tour over a decade ago, and upon his return to New York City, he went on a pretty elaborate diatribe on his show about how "empty" and "abandoned" and "dead" St Louis was (and still is). I've been here in St Louis (well, the more densely-populated outskirts of here) for my entire life, and he is 100% right. Being downtown or anywhere within the city limits is like walking through the game Day Z - an apocalyptic-like ghost town, where one almost feels as if they'd be trespassing if they ventured into an establishment (coffee house, restaurant, retail store), but then, people would be behind the counter, ready to take your order. It's jarring and borderline scary.

So I cannot imagine what Dubai must be like. Just empty streets with Ferrari's doing donuts. LOL!

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