drizzly day, and other stuff

On/off drizzle rain here today

It's cool, Fall-like STLWX (65F). Not bad. I went to Schnucks and was glad I dawned my rain jacket before leaving, because with the chill, rain, and breeze, I would have been damn cold when walking back if I hadn't.

It's Sept 11, and it is 21 years since I sat in a high school classroom where 40+ students crammed in (two classrooms worth) to watch Mr Wilhelm, a History teacher, set up a TV to tune in to the news, as one of the WTC towers had been hit, then the other hit, live, and his face turned red, he slammed his fist on the desk and dialed his twin brother (another teacher), and there were gasps and shreeks throughout the classroom. Will never forget that day.

Also, it is 2 years since I moved into this apartment (Sept 11, 2020) in the height of the pandemic. Many residents moving out, less moving in, as there was a job/employment crunch at that time, and people couldn't make rent. Hard times.

I am having my first coffee right now. Skipped it this AM, as the caffeine makes my legs hurt, somehow. Something to do with bloodflow + cholesterol in my legs(?) - the latter I am guessing, but I've heard it being "an issue" in our family in the past. Several things are being addressed with a Dr/NP appointment that I am scheduling for the end of September, and the leg thing is one of them. The other two, minor back arthritis and the lower-abdominal pain. The Dr/NP appointment is as equally high a priority as scheduling transportation to/from Independence Center, which I tried to do again this morning, and struck out.

On that, I sent a very friendly e-mail to IC and implored about different transport resources they may have available to them and their members. I am also asking my caseworker tomorrow about getting a ride to/from IC for Wednesday. Or Thursday. Or Friday. Any/all of those days would be great. When I go to IC, I will go more in-depth with talking to the staff there about possible transport resources, but in the meantime, I will wait for the e-mail response, as well as call up there on Monday (tomorrow) and see if I can get ahold of a coordinator or perhaps their caseworker department, as that is who I would likely talk to.


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