I just walked across the courtyard, in the drizzling (fairly cold) rain, and I did so to go to the laundry room to use the vending machine for Donettes (miniature chocolate donuts). I sort of "needed" a snack after the dinner of two Gala apples. And it is a pleasant night out there - warm, chilled rain, wind chimes, breezy, nice.

Plans for the evening: none. I just never plan ahead, and even if I did plan ahead, I would not keep schedule with whatever had been planned. And of course, I am not currently making any type of plans or schedules (at least not on an hourly basis anyway) these days, because there is no way for me to really focus on anything, due to pain (unfortunately). I am kind of just "going with the flow", doing whatever.

And I have a mild observation to make (which will sound sort of high-minded, and fairly "armchair philosophic" (aka bullshit)), and that is, I sort of feel like there is a digression or "pulling away" from larger social networks online. That is, it seems everywhere I look now, I see/hear/read "I closed Facebook, finally!", or "I quit Twitter last week", or whatever the case. This is actually a good thing to see (and from what's been put out in the news as of late, it seems that the reported numbers from FB, Twitter, etc. are reflective of this "exodus" sentiment). I just think back to 2012-2015, and wow, there were so many people using social media, and everyone thought it was (because it was) the reinvention of the wheel. I mean the word-of-mouth sensationalism around "join Facebook, now!" was like a digital Beatlemania in 2009/10, and everyone wanted to be the new/cool kid on the block, go viral, get followers, be a "someone" online.

And now SM is bullshit, no one wants to partake anymore, and I think (mostly) people are just figuring out how to convert contacts off/away from FB Messenger/WhatsApp, and how to get their photos off Instagram, and Twitter....IDK about Twitter - they're Tweets, there's nearly no intrinsic value there whatsoever as far as I can tell. No one can "download" followers, though, lol!

So, whatever. This "observation" means nothing in regards to anything - just a thing I've picked up on. And to be honest, in a "bigger" way, it's good that people are taking their lives back. In a small(er), idnividual way, I could care less what people do with their lives. That's just me, though.

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