Yes, tonight will definitely be an all-nighter. Not just due to coffee, but also because my lower back feels "strained" from over-rest. Hard to describe how that feels, or what it is like - as if it needs activity and "uprighted-ness", haha. I could benefit from a standing desk right now. I don't know if I would ever go that route, as I already have two desks.

The coffee this time is Folgers instant (double-scoop), as I am out of the Schnucks instant. I bought Folgers on purpose this time, though, because Schnucks seems to have "messed up" their instant, somehow. It used to be dark, bold, and flavorful, but now it is just dark, bold, and bitter. Doing anymore than a single scoop of that stuff usually means a tanic taste will be left in my mouth, and I can really only get through half a mug - begrudgingly (sp?).

In 2016-2018 I used to make Boyd's Red Wagon Roast coffee out of a Bodum French press, and the stuff was so bold and intense that I could only finish a half mug at a time, and anymore than that and I would get indigestion, because it became thicker as I got closer to the bottom. Motor oil type of java that was (at least the way I made it). But, half a mug of the stuff was the most life-affirming, delicious coffee I may have ever had. It was so flavorful and had sooo much caffeine. Intense.

Clean up was a pain, though. And prep was a pain too, in a way. So I stick with instant. Simple :)

OK, back soon