Well, I had a bit an hour ago, and now having more, so that is *sorta* doubling up. I’m caffeinated, I know that.nnAnd in case no can (who happens to read this blog) notice, or if anyone hasn’t seen “the writing on the wall” in terms of a recurring “theme” with the words here as of late – yes, I am batshit burned out on living in these apartments. In fact, ALL of Missouri. It’s basically become Northern Arkansas (the worst place in America to rent (from what I hear – from everywhere)). There’s nowhere to go in terms of rentals in the Missouri area. Or at least the South/West County area (which **WERE** (past tense) the “good” places to live, but they have more or less lost the “quality battle” with South City.nnSo, I will not go into all that, but instead focus on: **what’s next?**nnLet’s face it, I have no prospects or interest in Missouri anymore. I don’t talk to nearly any of my family (other than my sister, “C”), and even then, I never *see* her in any way. And I don’t actually have friends here. That sounds like some “down” shit to say, but it is 100% true, and I am totally accepting of this, because I’ve been “stuck” here for a long time, and everyone I know, and have known, has moved along to better places.nnSo, it is time I do the same.nnI will update more about the situation as time goes by (and living in a [chicken coop panopticon](, boy DOES time go by!).nnSo, more later.

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