Just finished my second cup of coffee. And also finished my pack of smokes. And at around 5:00 AM, I will fetch a pop from the soda machine, because I likey caffeine ;)

Been going 'round and 'round on how to (wisely) manage my budget for February (even though it has been "done" a few times already, lol). I am 100% sure I will get the CBD gummies, as well as get all bills paid + buy the mom's b-day gift + pay her what I owe her, etc. - but, of course that leaves X amount of $'s for other stuffs. Now, my top priority for a while has been to get a new tattoo (super-responsible, I know!), but there is not "tattoo money" in the Feb. budget, because I never walk into a tattoo shop with less than $250, and I don't have that (for a tattoo) in Feb. In fact, I have yet to file my taxes because the appointment got cancelled (or, I should say I cancelled it) due to me having improper paperwork. In all likelihood, I will file my taxes in mid-February, but then I play the waiting game for a refund, and even then a lot of that money goes to pay back the moms, again. I am more than OK with this (I'm thankful she let me borrow the money in the first place - which was in small amounts here and there, not a "big chunk"). So, there will be very little monies left over for any type of tattoo at when I receive said refund.

But, what I can (and should) do, is to get whatever "future bills" (or, expected bills) paid up and squared away Now, in February, so I do not have to piss around with them in the near future (or even for another year!) by putting credits on the Linode account, getting a year of DNSimple, getting a year of Geocaching (which has always been the plan), and just eliminating as much spending "cruft" as I can on a monthly basis, so I have max amount of dollars for other things (like tattoos).

It's not a bad idea.

Back later.