I kind of wrote a lot about the Internet today (so let’s keep it going). In [an earlier post titled “Avoiding the deep teeth of cynicism”](, which was inspired by a thing I [wrote myself in a comment, which was a reply I made IN A REPLY to a post I made here](, I talked about the WWW. What it means to me. How so many pessimists probably “have it wrong” in terms of “we’re doomed! The broadband will eat us alive! We’ll never like anyone or anything ever again!”.nnIt *sounds* “doom & gloom”…because it is. Nothing, *nothing* in the world can be, or is, *that* bad. Personal habits and toxic elements of life (sometimes people, sometimes places, sometimes things, etc.), *those* are “as bad as they seem”, because there is *seemingly* no escape from it/them. But of course, it is always up to the individual (if they can – and for the love of God I hope they can) escape such conditions or/and relationships, then they will eventually recover. Or at least not be re-exposed to it on a regular basis.nnAnd now I see an article from The New Yorker [How The Internet Turned Us Into Content Machines]( (and at this point I am thinking: “ffs, *why* am I reading the fxxxing New Yorker?”), and in it, the journalists (or Op-Ed PhD candidates, or authors, or whoever they may be) essentially say that: “the jig is up – we’ll always scroll, consume, and “race to the bottom”, and feel empty, and all is hopelessly lost, and even flicking on your phone is just a mild detour from inevitable fate of a lonesome death where only notifications can keep you company”.nnSad. But, it’s the news – what can one expect? A publication isn’t going to write anything “pleasant” or non-clickbait-y, would they? (the article itself addresses the term “clickbait” as well, which seemed to be some early-Boomer explainer – everyone knows what fxxxing clickbait is (like that very article!)).nnBut what I will just wrap up with saying is, what they keep referring to as “the Internet”, they should just go right ahead and call it “social media”. Because MOST of online outlets and accounts are relatively chill and friendly. Unless they are “saying” (claiming) that social media co’s **are** the Internet, which I cannot argue in terms of OVERall and sheer numbers – but it isn’t what **it** is. But “Internet” sounds better than “Facebook and Twitter”.nnJust a few cents on the subjectnnback later

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