I bought some Mrs Freshley’s Donut Sticks from the vending machine just now, had them with Schnucks brand instant coffee. Hit the spot. No regrets.nnLooking *very* Fall-like out there right now. Multicolored leaves all over the ground, some still in the trees, and it *smells* like Fall, too. A bit of moisture in the air, as it rained a tad last night (that I wasn’t aware of), and the street outside (Baumgartner) doesn’t have a single car on it. Very odd considering it is the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and there is a grocery store just off of that road, but I am sure the parking lot there is already packed with folks trying to snag whatever they can before prices go up, shelves get cleaned out, or/and the holiday rush gets bad.nnAnyway, It’s 7:30 now, the sun is rising, but it is fairly overcast. I have no special plans for the day besides leg rest, and perhaps laundry tomorrow (Sunday) AM. Perhaps Monday (if the leg feel ssignificantly better) I will make a small jaunt to Schnucks for a couple things, but for the time being, I have plenty of food in the apartment. nnThat’s all for now. Back later.

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