I am “say-less”, without anything eventful to write about, so I just write and see what happens. nnThat worksnnI cracked open the sliding glass door a good deal to let in the 66 degree air, and I sit in the bedroom at the writing desk, doing that, writing. I swapped out the coffee for soda, because I wasn’t really in the mood for coffee right now.nn[*Sidenote*]nnI just puked (gross, of course). I think I overdid it with the eating today, not because anything is bothering me, but simply because I had a sandwich, and then had a 45 minute nap, and I thought it was a much longer nap, and I always wake up hungry, and upon waking I made a pancake for supper. So, too much food.nnI feel better now, though.nnIt’s not unlike me to vomit on any given day of the week. I have an *extremely* sensitive stomach *and* Barrett’s Esophagus (the latter doesn’t bother me as much these days, but my stomach is still pathetically weak). Anyway, I have to be careful, is all.nnSo there’s my update for the time being. Got sick, and that’s about it, lol!nnBack soon

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