The sun, it has arrived. And also, I got everything done that needed to get done at the ‘rents: nn- broke down boxes in the garage/made room for the old entertainment center in there (which will be moved in there this Saturday, possibly with my help)nn- emptied six drawers/two cabinets from the bottom of the entertainment center – a lot of board games and candles :/nn- packed up, and brought down totes nn- did my laundrynn- picked up a couple things from TargetnnAnd also…nn- the Revolut Card shipped (adding funds is another animal altogether)nn- the 1TB external SSD shipped (arriving tomorrow)nnStill feeling good, not sick from the booster, and it has been 2.5 days, so I think/hope I am in the clear. All is good there :)nnYet to ship:nn- *my* TV console (from Wayfair)nn- the tobacco order nnNo rush on those, really.nnThat’s all for now. back later.

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