So, I got what I needed for the inevitable snow storm that is coming through here starting tomorrow AM. Enough food, toiletries, other random goods.

I still need to do laundry tonight, though (if it is not raining, which apparently it will be).

Everything is busy here - people shopping, shelves near empty, lines of cars, lines at checkout, etc. - so I am glad to be home and away from all that for a few days.

Web3 is still a joke, as is everything surrounding it

I just want to opine (again, sorry - but it is all bloggers talk about nowadays) about how fxxxing DUMB Web3 is. As is the pseudo-technology fueling it. As is the hype people are "taken by" (still) in 2022. In late-2021, it was basically known that Web3, NFT's and all this shit is a barrel full of lies, and people essentially ignore...reality, and go face-first into this stuff like it is "some thing" (basically telling themselves that it is anything other than a Ponzi Scheme - which is all it ever has been/ever will be).

At this point, it is the equivalent of a for-profit college. Is it a college? Well, in some respects - yea, they convey information there in exchange for a piece of paper. Is a for-profit college a legitimate institution based on principles and integrity and offer a leg-up in the workforce? No. Not at all. You'll be laughed out of the room if you put that shit (a for-profit "degree" (or diploma)) on a resume. It's nothing more than conning (ill-advised) people out of a lot of money in order to be able to say "yea, I have a degree" (albeit a false one).

And yes, in both cases, people are being conned. With Web3, people think they're "getting rich" using a "legitimate technology", just like how people think that a for-profit colleges offer "an easy-access education" using a "legitimate institution". Nope. Neither are the "real deal". In the former sense, if you want decentralization, then just go to the default position of the WWW, and don't use centralized services. Fire up a server, join a private server, do whatever - but Web3 is not your savior. Same for the financial aspect of it - earn real fucking money! Or panhandle for real money, as the vagabond with fifty cents in his pocket on the street corner is worth mountains more than your digital wallet full of cryptocurrency! To the latter, if you want an education, just decide you want to learn things, and learn them! It's really that simple. The Internet exists (a lot of resources there), as do libraries (again, anything you want to know/learn about). A piece of paper doesn't make anyone "smarter" and even a traditional graduate degree from a private, accredited, non-profit institution (college) is nothing more than a job hunting license - which does nothing for the recipient of said degree.

So, stop being fooled. It's annoying. And if you refuse to acknowledge how dumb the whole thing is, then don't waste people's time with it by rambling about it. Write down on a Post-It note about how it's "the future" and then burn the note, and be done with it.

The end