I had a relatively odd afternoon.nnI caught a ride to the store with my sister, “C”, and bought groceries, only to remember I didn’t have the debit card with me that was needed for this particular trip. So I got less than expected. nnThen I came home and joined the Meetup, and it was fine – a few good brief conversations, and I’m grateful for them, but the connectivity issues some people experienced made the whole thing erratic.nnThen I went back to the store, with the right card, and got the remainder of the items I missed the first time.nnI laid down briefly, trying to sleep off, sleep off the day, but I was too awake, so I came in here to write something. To do what makes me feel better. Maybe change around some mental circuitry, see if I can cheer up. In general.nnSo here’s hoping this small writing schpiele in this entry pays off to make my day a bit better.nntake care

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