I don’t know why, but I was thinking of taking on a *physical* project in the near future. Like, building, or making a thing with my bare hands – perhaps from scratch, maybe a kit-like situation, who knows? I think since I started using an e-cig in 2013 (maybe 2012?), I like to “mess” with things. I like to assemble, disassemble, reassemble different stuff and seeing how things work with what, and just tooling about with…tools. And perhaps that is why I smoke a tobacco pipe Now (having said good-bye to e-cigs permanently in 2018) – I can *clean* tobacco pipes, and *clear* them, ream them out, swap out acrylic stems, etc. – it’s “a thing to do”.nnSo, I got to thinking about carving *a* pipe (if not, multiple pipes), and soon realized that this was a sawdust-laden mess that I would not be terribly interested in (unless perhaps I had a garage, which I in fact, do not). So, I started to think of Raspberry Pi projects I could perhaps take on, like the [“blog in a box”]( idea I had a while back. And then I thought: no, something for personal use would be OK with me.nnAnd then I thought of a “featherlight blog” (similar to how Low-Tech Magazine runs their service), and how I could, indeed, get a RPi, and run lightweight (blogging-centric) software on it, and little else, and have it act as a stand-alone server for a WriteFreely instance (with the “” domain attached to it). I mean, it would still be a standard OS on the device, and it would just serve the purpose of being an at-home blogging server – and NOT a personal desktop enviro (as I have made that mistake before, and the Pi always burns out in a few short months). Everything (blogging-wise) would be accessed through the MBA. And I could just have a small Pi rig in the kitchen.nnSo anyway, this is a thing I’ve thought about a good deal for the past month or so (a “lo-fi”/featherlight blog platform) and I do not see myself stepping away from this concept anytime soon. I mean, there are steps involved. Such as:nn- get AT&T home internet service (called “Internet 100”) back (as currently I tether to my phone (which I knew would never last))nn- get a Raspberry Pi (4, or at *least* a “3 Model B”, because a Pi Zero may not serve me well in the long run)nn- get the standard, pre-loaded MicroSD card with it running Raspberry Pi OS (formerly Raspbian OS), and perhaps alter that OS as I see fit – and use the *current* MX Keys keyboard with it, and *current* (cheap) Logitech mouse with it, and use my HD television set for the display (temporarily, as this will likely be a “headless” rig, mostly)nnSo, I will need the home Internet service up and running first, and then go from there. WF software is free (thankfully), so no cost there. And of course I will keep/maintain the VPS thing, but it would be relegated to *mostly* side projects, perhaps not blogging.nnJust some thoughts. Back soon.

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