Going to the sister’s house this evening to watch her dogs overnight. Ms Lacy and Ms Rosie – good dogs. Will be good to hop on (stable) WiFi and get some VPS updates on Linode going (as I will be able to SSH in at that time). IDK if any *actual* web development will occur while I am there, but the updates will be a good thing. nnOf course I will have to watch *A Christmas Story* on Plex while I am there, too. And probably some other holidays movies, as well.nnI am all packed up for an overnight trip (or an indefinite one, if I wanted to) with everything except the laptop, as that will be put in the backpack just before I go. The MacBook charger, the container with all pipe smoking supplies, medications, First Aid Kit, a warm change of clothes, hygiene kit, and even a backup (mini) First Aid Kit are all packed away. I’m good to go!nnIt’s also a reminder of just how *dated* my backpack is. A piece of junk from Wal Mart by a co called “Ozark Trail” that is split at the seams, ragged, and worn out. I *really* like the Inline Equipment Radius 14 (a 14 Liter backpack) that is just *sooo* nice in so many ways. Runs at $160, though, so I will not get it for a few months, but *eventually* I want to get the thing. At one point, I was going to wait until the GoRuck Bullet 15 came back into stock on the GoRuck website, but I don’t think they are going to be carrying it again in the future. Inline Equipment seems to be my second favorite backpack maker currently, though. But if I ever got into backpacking again as a hobby (which isn’t likely to happen anytime soon), I would go for a 30 Liter Exped Torrent backpack, because they are 100% waterproof, and look nice and minimal. nnAnyway, what I have now will have to do. No big deal.nnBack later

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