Doctor came up empty-handed, referrals were made

So, my Primary Care doc isn't sure what it is that is going on. She made a referral for (or suggested I follow up with) a Gastroenterologist, which I already have for Barrett's Esophagus. She thinks it could be some obscure vernacular(?) condition where the organs are too close to one another or are too close to the intestines(??). I have no idea how I could just GET that out of the blue. She prescribed an anti-spasmatic, which also doubles as an irritable bowel syndrome treatment, called Bentyl. That arrives via pharmacy delivery tomorrow. My bowels are A-OK, as is the urinary tract, but...I'll go with it if it brings pain relief (or non-spasm relief) to my lower abdomen. No pain pills are involved, and I wouldn't take any pain med to begin with anyway, so...

For the evening, I walked to Schnucks (just got back), and bought a tea. Hot walk. Blue sky. Humid.

back soon

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