So, I finally got ALL of the `Ghost CLI` stuff to update. I realized I was doing MOST things wrong with my update process.nnSo, as usual, I did the,nn`sudo apt-get update`nnandnn`sudo apt-get upgrade`nnfor the damn server, itselfnnThen, I got into my “Ghost” account, basically, with,nn`su – username` (only using my actual Ghost username)nnand then cd’ing into the correct spot,nn`cd /var/www/username` nnand then running the `Ghost CLI` “@latest” command,nn`sudo npm install -g ghost-cli@latest`nnbut here, here is where things went catywompus. After it “downloaded” the latest version of `Ghost CLI`, I had to run some variant of,nn`npm install ghost-cli@latest` (or some fucking command like that, I cannot remember what it prompted me to put)nnand what I had to do was remember to `sudo` into this ish for me to have the correct permissions (because I am using Linux (Ubuntu 20.04) on my VPS).nnSo after I saw in the Linode Q&A forum that this was the case, I was able to update the `Ghost CLI` and go from there.nnButnnThere was another issue I was having with file, folder, and directory permissions before that, and I had to run some obscure `chmod` command that the thing was telling me to run in order to troubleshoot the issue. Like, “run this bizarre shit and try your command again” type of deal, and the errors corrected themselves one by one (I ran the `chmod` (whatever that is?) command for the file, and it fixed that, then ran the command for the folder, then for the directory – one by one, they stopped throwing me errors.nnSo after all this bullshit, I still couldn’t get anything to actually go **faster** on my Ghost blog (tmo.name). Images were still painfully slow, I couldn’t upload Issue. 9 of **The Zine Around The Corner**, and everything was just molasses. Mind you, I properly restarted Ghost with `ghost restart`, and Rebooted the Linode, itself, too.nnSo, I went to Linode.com/speed-test, and saw how things fared in that regard, and my Linode is running through Dallas, TX. So I ran the test there, and I got this:nn![](https://i.snap.as/SEYDYjgd.png)nn…talk about some slow ass shit! LOL! So, I ran the test through Atlanta, GA, and then Freemont…wherever (in the United States) and also another one in another part of the U.S. that I was sure wouldn’t be quicker. And Dallas, TX WAS and IS the “fastest” location. So, I kept that location.nnThat left me with the fact that I *HAD* to upgrade the damn VPS, itself. So I went over to the disk image resizing spot on the Cloud Manager, and I opted for 2GB storage + 1GB RAM on a Shared CPU (they have plenty of options for a Dedicated CPU, but for my purposes a Shared CPU should be more than enough). I also explored the possibility of Storage Blocks with my server, to try to optimize for image loading times, but that seemed like a fair amount of hassle, and would likely be the same cost as just upgrading the whole damn server, so…).nnSo now, everything is migrating to the new disk image (same OS and all that), and this will take some time, because I have 768 blog posts on tmo.name, so I assume that may take a bit to migrate, reboot, blah, blah. nnThat’s all for nown

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