In reference to [this post](, and not having as much *stuff* occurring on the Toolbar on Firefox, I just realized that you can Right Click > Remove From Toolbar on nearly any icon (even the Home icon). So, I removed everything except Back, Forward, Refresh, and the hamburger bar on the right. I didn’t *uninstall* the extension, mind you – just got rid of the icons, themselves.nnNow if I could get rid of tabs (which I am sure I cannot do).nnAlso, with Firefox there is an Overflow Menu (which looks like this “>>”) where I can keep uBlock, Firefox Account Settings, and Downloads, etc., easily accessible, just not sitting right there in my face all the time. Better.nnHell, I would even set the Dock on the Mac to auto-hide, but then everything becomes slower and a pain in the ass, so I will not bother with that. I DID just remove Joplin Notes and Settings from the Dock, though. As they did not get daily use. And I also minimized the Dock (made the app icons smaller), and unticked the box that said “keep recent apps in Dock”, as I was always manually removing them from the Dock when I was done with them. So now, if not pinned, it won’t stay. Good!nn

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