Honestly, the whole WWW goes dark every now and then. It’s fine, it “how it is” now, but I used to be able to subscribe/follow like 10-ish blogs from *one* TINY sub-category of subject matter online, and have a feed reader full of entries by day’s end. That was well over a decade ago, but that’s how things were at one time. (sorry for sounding like a “back in my day” type of bag of bones) nnNot anymorennIf I were “lucky” (or a masochist) I could go to Birdsite and plug into some firehose List of “so and so’s” (whatever their Tweet brand of specialty was for their account) and just chug away on their status updates – but that’s not really “doing” a whole lot with my time, now is it?nnAs of recent weeks/months, the blog world (as well as some YouTube channels) have slowed is a near crawl. Coincidentally(?), TikTok, the most scroll-heavy, time-consuming, life-draining digital product to ever be manifested by man, has been going off the rails with popularity and activity (I, myself, have literally only (accidentally) visited TikTok (the website) once, by accident, and it’s no bullshit about the amount of endless sxxx that Website has buzzing through it).nnSo, that *could* be some (speculative) explanation as to what *might* be happening(?). People discovered TikTok. I mean, it took something like X amount (who knows how long) of years before people even STARTED to blog (again), or make YouTube videos (for the first time?), or do nearly anything to dynamite their way out of some social media moshpit of negativity and desolation.nnSo, enjoy the thumb exercise? Don’t hurt yourself with bluelight exposure? Good luck becoming the next viral star? What would I even (passive-aggressively) say to people of this/that ilk?nnSo yea, I’m a bitter old basxxx for wanting to see some other stuff online (be it blogs, vlogs, or photos of dogs). I get it. I’m sort of an “odd man out” (and as some folks attitudes may be – “well then fxxx *that* guy!”). Valid response. nnBut…yea. No other commentary other than that. I’m “let down” in a lot of ways. And non-entertained (though, I wouldn’t consider it “being bored”). nnIt is what it isnnback soon

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