It's the one thing I don't like about a laptop (any laptop), is that they get incredibly dirty, and I have no idea how. Just, crumbs, and fingerprints, and scoffs and scratches - like: "what the hell have I been doing to this thing???" And I suppose it is like this for nearly any laptop owner, but for some (odd) reason, a desktop stays looking clean and "presentable" (even if I am the only one ever seeing it), and the keyboard can be flipped upside down and cleaned out. Same for the mouse. But a laptop - no, they're dust mites :/

Not that it matters. I can't/won't go back to a desktop setup again (likely ever), even though there are meager benefits to doing so (especially when I need to manage numerous windows while doing web development). The furthest I'll go is utilizing an external mouse with the lappo toppo, because trackpads are basically the worst ever. I don't care if I have to deal with a trackpad when I migrate to the easy chair or whatever the case, but at a desk - give me an external mouse every time!

Anyway, I made coffee. Jet black goodness that fills my soul. The furnace is cranked, too, as it is a bitter 25 degrees and cloudy outside right now. Won't be much warmer (in fact, likely even more cold) when I head out to start laundry at 7:00 AM tomorrow. But, it must be done.

an ephemeral flow vs a hub of stuff

I like this blog theme (you can find the source code for it on Github here) by a guy I have not met before, but am thankful he made this theme, and also thankful utilizes the original version of this theme on his blog (over on Jekyll). I have corresponded with him a couple times (back in the Mastodon days) - nice dude.

Anyway, what I like most about this theme is that is painfully basic. And I can make it as insanely basic as I want it to be (and I have more or less done so - just an e-mail link that also gives way to an RSS link - that's it!). But, the best part of it, is that it more or less pushes the reader towards just going with the ephemeral, flowing, (daily) stream of content on this blog. No "hub of stuff", like the zine page or the blogroll, or my README, or anything like that (though, those are all nice pages in their own right). Mostly because when I see so, So, SO many other people's sites/landing pages/blogs, they have this link going to this page, and an extra little diddy doing this thing over here, and more things at the bottom, etc. No. I want this to be as obvious an experience as I can possibly provide, considering that I am self-hosting now, and don't have to deal with a bunch of stuffs that one might get with a WordPress theme (thank Dog I am not on them anymore! Been 10+ years now!), or Tumblr, or even (which, makes (by default) every single blog on that platform identical - themes are in no way a priority for that service, I don't think). And on Blogger (which I think I stopped utilizing in 2011, or so) - they have roughly a baker's dozen themes to choose from. Want something else? Too bad! Google's got it locked down! (Funnily I joined Blogger before Google bought them. It was really basic back yonder!).

Anyhow, I just like people (whomever decides to read/follow along) to see the regular events of what is going on - and no need to be side-tracked with a list of links doing all kinds of different things. I am not trying to be "discovered" or "known" - just a dude writing out his life online, that's all :D

Back soon