Just read a news story about Omicron’s severity, and things look radically more dire for this mutation/variant than Delta (in terms of infectious rate). But instead of going into details and **facts** about what this means for everyone (everyone on Earth, that is), I have a more “high-minded” or “privileged” question to opine on in regards to the scenario, and that is: why *aren’t* we doing what we’re supposed to be doing to END the entirety of the pandemic Here and Now? nnWe could effectively stop COVID (+ Delta, + Omicron) in it’s tracks if we did the “big, economically reckless” thing by putting this nation (or every nation) into a state of lockdown. Be it hand sanitizer, frequent hand-washing, masks (for the rare outings one would take), social distancing (again, on (*very*) rare outings), home delivery of groceries and necessities (by/from essential workers – Blog bless them), and frequent (home) testing – they all add up to STOPPING the spread of the virus(es). And not to mention the abundance of vaccines one can (and damn well should) take in the meantime!nnThe above paragraph speaks volumes. And (like many things in the modern world) it falls under the moniker of; “it’s not what we don’t know that gets us into trouble, it’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so”. So, some people think that ignoring the pandemic (which sure as we’re born, WILL wipe out entire swaths of the Earth’s population) seems to be the approach they endorse. A head-in-the-sand mindset (ironically, these are the same people who will not be/get vaccinated, and not coincidentally WILL perish from this pandemic).nnSo, here’s what I say (again, in a perhaps high-minded, nearly aloof manner), and it’s as plain as words get: by NOT getting vaccinated ensures a premature death of that specific individual. Given enough time (+ mutations of the virus) it’s a no-brainer. It’s not “bullshit” that I am talking, as no one can “narrowly avoid” A) initial COVID, B) the Delta variant, C) Omicron D) long COVID (which is an issue unto itself) E) breakthrough cases of COVID (+D, +O). nnIt (the virus) doesn’t “*just*” go away. And for those “betting on” (or, rolling the dice with) their own mortality and health (as well as OTHER people’s mortality/health), on a whim that they will have natural immunity to any/all of A-E listed above – guess what? NO ONE has *that* good of luck. There are no exceptions to the rule, they (the unvaccinated) will BE the rule of thumb. nnSorry if that sounds negative. I’m just pointing out reality.nnOK, back to regularly scheduled journal posts

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