I wrote over on TMO a bit ago (last night) that Twitter was a very nice, enjoyable, clever, witty place to be online in 2009-2011. I don't even think there were enough dopamine receptors in the brain to sustain the amount of dopamine that was being dispensed when it came to interaction, engagement, comments, etc. "What a treat!", I thought.

And, of course, as time went on, I saw (as many people did) that Twitter had manifested into something much different, and much uglier after 2013, or so. And it was basically nothing like it had been just a year or so prior. The engagements and pleasantries of the comments went away in 2012, but then the proactive disgruntled nature of everyone (seemingly everyone) came forward, and it stopped being anything resembling what I would call "fun".

So, I trudged on (for whatever reason), and when I left in 2019, I went over to Mastodon for 3-4 months. I sort of needed it as a kind of "methadone" for the former Twitter junkie. And it worked - regular interaction, friendly responses (and me responding in a friendly manner likewise), relevant and amusing content, chronological timelines - great. I felt like it was (in a way) like "2009 Twitter" had been in that era. But what I realized more potently (for myself), was that I had once again regained digital control over my online presense. I could have easily just kept putting things on Mastodon, and kept communicating with people at any time, and could have kept reading amusing/entertaining/informative content (and sometimes creating my own) - but, that wasn't the "point" of why I log onto the Internet. I am more or less here (online) to allow the Internet to sort of be a reflection of my own life, my own views and thoughts and beliefs. What I do in the offline (IRL) world, is certainly more soul-filling and useful than anything that can be done/achieved online. The interactions and comments are always nice and appreciated, but when it comes to how I (overall) see the BIG picture of what the WWW is, and what it means to me, it has to fall in line with how (and who) I am, and never the other way around.

just sharing. back soon.