So, since Ghost is horrendous in terms of using it on mobile (which, I get it - I'm a badass newsletter writer with mountains of advertising partners and a laptop, who TF needs a decent mobile layout? #sarcasm), I decided to try to do an integration with iA Writer and Ghost, instead, so the mobile writing experience wasn't so horrible. It was beyond convoluted (generating API keys, and copy/paste this, then come back to here and log in with that) like, can't this be done with a press of a button? I mean shit, I can do this stuff, it isn't that hard, but for some (nearly most) people, it IS that hard! What's the point of doing stuff that could be automated by Ghost, themselves?

I don't know

I also don't know why iA Writer costs $4.99 per year or $29.99 to "buy the app" (which I assume means a lifetime membership), but, why does a note-taking application have to cost anything? What does it do besides simple Markdown (and convoluted Ghost integrations)?

Again, I do not know. Why jotting some shit down in MD has to run me 30 fucking bones because it can link to a Dropbox account seems like a fucking scam to me. That's just me, though. They probably need to make Palo Alto rent or some shit. Weird (and dumb).

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