I scrolled through some music videos on YouTube, and a song was recommended by the band Good Charlotte (I forget which song – didn’t listen), but, it made me think of the movie *Charlotte’s Web*. A classic. I grew up with it, many people grew up with it. Very entertaining. It is also one of the saddest movies you could ever put on TV. Most people have seen it, but I won’t mention spoilers either way. Kids would probably NOT be able to “cope” with *Charlotte’s Web* in 2022. I couldn’t cope with it in the 1980’s (the version I saw was from 1973). It *was* remade in 2006 (negating the title of this post), but, I doubt many saw that, and who knows what went on? Maybe Charlotte caught a bus to Nantucket, instead?nn*101 Dalmatians* – great movie. Loved it when I was younger. Not *directly* sad, but the intentions behind Cruella DeVille, you cannot tell a younger person in 2022. It came out in 1996, yet to be remade.nn*Bambi* – the encapsulation of pure sadness. Came out in 1942(!). It probably drained the tears from moviegoers even during the time their countries were being destroyed by WW2. Will never be remade.nn(On that (similar) note:) *The Land Before Time* (1988) – the movie *Bambi* in dinosaur form, essentially. Difficult to watch. Had me questioning life’s “goodness” and mortality for days. When I was seven years old. nn*Old Yeller* (1957) – flat-out traumatic by most people’s standards. The whole movie was built around falling in LOVE with that animal, then the ending happened. Devastating.nn*Annie* (1982) – from the theatrical play, though not “devastating” like the other movies mentioned, still pretty damn awful in terms of a terribly mismanaged orphanage, and the cynicism and shittiness of humans. Remade in 2014. Didn’t see the new version, grew up with the old version. So, no comment.nnJust ruminating on movies I saw many times when younger, but basically CAN’T be remade (or remade *well*), because people “can’t hang” (I still probably couldn’t).

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