Dietary results

In recent posts, I mentioned how I had leg (shin) pain/tightness, and also immense pain in the back of my thighs. Most of this was possibly due to low cholesterol (meaning low GOOD cholesterol). I increased my good cholesterol with intake of PB and also avocado. Good deal. Better deal, the shin pain/tightness has subsided a great deal. The pain in the back of my thighs is mostly gone, and bonus, the lower-abdomen pain that has been bothering me for three months, that two docs + a urologist (also a doc, of course) didn't know what the cause of was, has also subsided since increasing my GOOD cholesterol! :)

So that is a very good thing!

That's all in regards to diet. Still the same as has been - eight years vegetarian and the same types of food. A diverse amount OF foods, but the same ones. Simple.

Workouts continue daily (cardio) as well as the resistance bands every other night.


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