dietary pleasantries, weather-induced mood improvements, and back on my hiking game

I slept a lot today. My sleep has been on/off lately, due to no functional mattress, so I have been sleeping on the floor (with carpeting) and a pillow and a blanket. This actually feels really nice, but I cannot stay asleep more than four hours at a time, because any shifts or movements are "a thing" on a hard surface like that, and I cannot do so in mid-slumber with any ease, so when the four-ish hour time block goes by, and I need to go to either this side or that side, I just go ahead and wake up. Firm mattress topper is in the October budget.

The "Mega GORP Mix" of peanuts, cashews, and raisins is working out well. I've been having a couple handfuls a couple times throughout the day for a couple days now, which is much better than straight peanut butter. My cholesterol-related aches/pains have subsided, and I think my GOOD cholesterol is beginning to increase, longterm. And I will just sustain this snack-centric part of my diet indefinitely, so as to KEEP the GOOD cholesterol up. Other dietary things are good, and the same as they have been since late-2019: the same foods, but a diverse amount of foods so I do not get bored. All of which are pretty damn healthy :)

Here in St Louis, the STLWX has been lower-60s all day, and overcast through most of the day, and it is nice! Fall weather has arrived. No heat spikes in the following weeks, and then even cooler after that, and by mid-December it will be snow and Winter-y all the time starting then. I am planning and accommodating for this, first with a sweater that is being bought in October (standard sweatSHIRT, I should say), and over ther next couple months I will buy a pair of brown or grey corduroys from SOMEWHERE, but finding corduroys in 2022 (even online) proves difficult. Not exactly the most popular item of dress in recent years. Then, I will have ONE corduroy pants, and ONE pair of Levis (which I am currently wearing), and that will be that in terms of pants. The Summer shorts, jogging shorts, and sandals will be tucked away in the closet here soon. No need for them until next Spring.

A dedicated Winter coat is needed, too. And I am considering a "Monkey jacket", which my whole life I referred to as a "baseball jacket". It's like a Bomber jacket, but a Monkey jacket will have an elastic collar (usually striped) and an elastic wrist cuff, and elastic around the lumbar region (or, the bottom of the jacket). Baseball players are sometimes seen sporting (pun!) them on the field. Or at least they always did in the 1980s. Monkey jackets along with super-durable "baseball" shorts were "a thing" that my late-Father and my Uncles oftentimes were seen wearing in the 1980s (and before?) when they were in more considerate physical shape. They seriously looked like god damn high school gym coaches! LOL! I won't go as far as to sport baseball shorts, but I WILL get a Monkey jacket (or, am willing to - I haven't decided if I am going that route). That, coupled with a sweater/sweatshirt should suffice in cold temps. Or I hope.

Hiking. It's that time of year. Fall weather means Fall hikes, and I will be at Cliff Cave tomorrow (or sometime soon) to be walking the dirt trails, witnessing deer, and enjoying the atmosphere :) The best part of the year! I am in quarantine, and not going TO any places (indoors), but outside hiking is ok.

On that note, quarantine is going good, too. I am keeping the "qlog", as I mentioned ina  previous post, and that is growing on Standard Notes, and I will keep up with it. The whole thing will likely be publish in one "mega post" on after the 40 days have gone by.


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