diet, cholesterol, sodium avoidance (and the equilibrium), lol

So, I started to eat peanut butter again. Like, direct spoonfuls of PB dipped into Chex Mix (for a bit of "granola-like" flavor, and also for crunch effect), because my GOOD cholesterol is way too low. It needs to be raised significantly, and consistently, and then KEPT at a higher level than it has been. I knew I was gravitating towards this, because low chol in my blood usually means a biological reaction of that of like having the veins in my legs (thighs) feeling like they are being pulled on like rubber bands. That is in part due to the fact that most members of the O'Family (by genetics, not by marriage, of course) have veins in their legs (I, as well) that sit very close to the surface of the skin, or at least not as deeply embedded in the muscle/fat tissue that a "normal" person would have. Same for the arteries in the thighs, too. My Father, my Uncle "T", Uncle "M", my Grandma "O", (hey! "TMO"! Look at that!) and now my sister have ALL experienced artery issues in their thighs, to the point of needing a stint placed in, other than my sister, who is under 50 years old, and though she may avoid that procedure/surgery needing to be done, it's still possible. I am trying my best to avoid any medical issues, and thereinlies why I am upping my GOOD cholesterol via plant-based fat sources (PB, avocado - those two things mainly).

I am not that fond of PB, actually. It's ok, but it always has to be "churched up" with some sort of granola subsidy in order to be palatable to my taste buds. Straight peanuts (unsalted, unroasted, unflavored) are what I will get here soon, because those are nice and do not have a boatload of added sugar and (if unsalted) have zero sodium content.

I won't go into the whole schpiele of what foods I am eating and which I am avoiding, but suffice it to say, a larger amount of PB and avocado are being eaten these days, and that will continue, and I am A-OK with that :)

Here's to health!


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