In terms of relationships, with bad/negative people, I am glad to be in full-on detox mode. There were some bad characters in my life, people not good for me, and they are out of the picture now. And for that, I am grateful.nnI won’t go into all the specifics and details, but I am feeling better. In many ways.nnAnyway, noon is here (and has *been* here). Or, AFTERnoon (4:00 PM). By the way, why don’t we refer to “AM”, as “after morning”, and set a dedicated time for when “morning” is? Like, 12:00 PM is “noon”, shouldn’t 7:00 AM or something BE morning? Seems like a legit thing to do considering DST is permanent now (apparently). I thought the whole point of locking in the clocks was to NOT have DST, but some jerk from the DST council (not real) probably paid off the Republican so and so to make it official. All I know is, someone got paid. How’s *that* for cynicism?nnSo, anyhow, it is AFTERnoon, and I am having coffee. The rain falls. Life is ok.nnback soon

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