details and "guidelines" for the new project (

This morning and just a bit ago, I spent a good amount of time just holding down the Delete button, as I tediously deleted the entirety of the Apache splash page on index.html that comes from installing Apache on a server. I am using the nano editor, and I see the nano-editor shortcuts in their documentation here, and I swear not a single one of the shortcuts in the Deletion portion work. The one I want/need is "Delete current line" with Alt + Del, and it resets the cursor to the first line in the file, everytime. Nothing gets deleted. I fact, I tried every single one of the Deletion shortcuts listed there, and they all just move the cursor around, leaving text in tact.

Perhaps because I am SSH'd in remotely, and it isn't a local server? I have no idea - it's out-of-date or broken.

So, yes, my finger stays on the Del key until every character disappears, and an Apache splash page is quite a large document, I would say. I am 80% done with it, but I have a bit further to get rid of, so...I will later.

It's sunny, hot, and humid today. But that's fine. Neighbor "S" is not answering his door, so I assume he is gone, out doing something or other.

And in regards to (which I still have to install SSL for, I just noticed), I will be writing the posts in TextMate, and then doing a Copy>Paste job, and not writing every entry IN the nano editor, as I don't like how there is the ever-so-delayed "lag" with the cursor when typing in nano. It's good/nice for actual code, I suppose, but for text entry, it's a pain.

And this way ensures auto-backup of my entries on this laptop.

Fun times

Here's some guidelines for how I am doing it:

- build from scratch

- host on Linode VPS ($5 nanode)

- figure out how "filesystem" will work (linked together .html pages) (put together in a single directory in the CLI?)

- create (use) basic syntax structure for individual posts (so, always use </h3> for post title, always use </p> per paragraph, other info per post?)

- add design elements to `index.html` file to make it (front page) look like my TextMate editor (figure out background HEX#, as well as text HEX#, and also Monospace font)

- initially write all posts in TextMate, and do a Copy/Paste job when doing an entry

- for the .html page naming scheme, use "entry-0001" and beyond for simple navigation (and for my own memory)

- create a "cheat sheet" for commonly used HTML elements (so, inserting a hyperlink, bold, italics, etc.)

Easy, basic enough.

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